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eNKompan.E™ is an NGO which has felt the need to make dance engagement in Jamaica less exclusive. Through the dancer's artistry they have been actively expanding dance into the larger public, dancing in urban spaces throughout Jamaica, other Caribbean islands and beyond. From site-specific works in city centres, galleries, parks, farm lands, to collaborating with photographers, film makers, sculptors, writers, illustrators, graphic artists, jewellers, fashion designers, and musicians these ArtMakers have been quietly connecting community and calling, one project at a time, in deep understanding that...


... there is no wider healing without community! 


Thanks to technology's ease of access in this ever-expanding world, works of art within the Caribbean and the larger world have been shifting in shape, sentiment and substance. eNKompan.E™ aims to engage these shifts through opening  movement spaces to encourage and nurture healthy communities in discussions, constructed research, performances, festivals, cultural educational sessions, all things necessary for an inclusive society, for in numbers we will be a stronger, more united community making an even more significant impact on our wider social space.


We continue to evolve into a community rooted in Culture, Performative Art and Space Making 


Our work.. serving as a holistic hub for moving minds.  





Neila Ebanks - Founding Director

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