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dancing up high

Up here, the wind passes no longer around an aware spine that knows its grounded balance well… This spine is different... This spine of sky...

With legs heavy, bounded to a ground that has body in a realm defiant of forgotten gravity, this body now ventures on the plane of grounded ancestry... This body remembers a home where it never lived, steps in paths laid out before, trodden by those it has never 'known'. Yet, these stilts have initiated this body into a place of familiarity of sweat, blood and tears...

Embodied memories of journeys its past bodies once took.

Body awareness is never absolute... It shifts according to our realms;

be open, be willing to listen and accept its wisdom.


Movers: Neila Ebanks & Lee Campbell

Photo Credit: Lee Campbell, Alanna Morris-Van Tassel

Dragon Keylemanjahro School for Arts and Culture, Cocorite, St. George, Trinidad


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