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Because no healing is possible without community, and a healthy community is one where we help, love, share and holistically support each other

"We are nothing without each other, each life is equally valid"


Youth Cultural education and engagement

Culture and performing arts consultancy

Culture and performing arts curricular framing based on cultural policy, in the form of  workshops, forums  

Moving Minds Museum

The Moving Minds Museum™ is a multi-art, multimedia, performance-based journey into the personal dance histories and legacies of dance artists who have impacted the dance community.


It was launched in 2016 in collaboration with the Jamaica Dance Umbrella. The museum focused its exhibition on the 2016  JDU honourees Sheila Barnett, Alma Mock Yen and Tony Wilson. The space was enlivened with archival artifacts, site specific movers, as well as with specially chosen visual arts work  - featuring ground-breaking sculptor Traci Wong - which have been melded with seminal aspects of the awardees' contribution to Dance in Jamaica

If you wish for us to visit your school and to join the Adopt-A-School initiative

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Schools who are a part of this initiative gets a packaged discount on Embodiment & Experiential Labs



Gender freedom & equality through the power of embodiment

RosesDaughta was an project launched in 2015 to facilitate a safe space for women. Now we have created specified embodiment & experiential labs gearing towards sex and gender issues, to heal through movement the daily inequalities in our Caribbean landscape. Women only movement sessions.

Specific group: members of the LGBT community, and  women in general

Culch-A-rts A Yaad

Youth empowerment through the engagement with cultural practices

Culch-A-rts A Yaad is an informal mode of transmission, into the traditional wisdoms and cultural practices spanning  across the Caribbean. eNKompan.e for these open yaad sessions is attached to a larger yaad network, engined by CYC Caribbean Yard  Campus based in Trinidad&Tobago. The sessions will follow a common curricular that is the guideline of each yaad across the Caribbean, sharing the wisdoms of the indigenous peoples. The curriculum entails, traditional dance, music, craft, herbal knowledge, farming techniques, masquerade histories and techniques for mask and costume making, must all wisdoms of the traditional are encouraged and are the main focus.


Specific group: youth in general, but a wide interest for those in underserved communities  

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