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“As site of memory, retention, resistance, burial, insistence,

Body knows no bounds, seeks no limit, chooses its questions and at times its own answers.” - eNK™

We ask, always, what is buried in us? What layers of being breathe through our



skeletal framework,

patterns of emotion and reaction,

cultural conditionings,

social expectations,

gender stamping,

our very DNA ...

...and when do we choose to release, with gratitude, the layers that no more vibrate with deeper purpose?

Listening to body’s questions and surrendering to body's intelligence can lead us to a humbling, a re(AL)-learning of self, a shedding of unwanted skins and a refreshed authenticity…

A new dawn…

Movement unlayers, reveals, heals... always.


Body: Lee Campbell

Photo Credit: Candice Dryden

Gordon Town, St. Andrew, Jamaica

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